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Job Responsibilities: Flex Driver

Salary:  13-15 euro per hour

Company: Amazon Flex

Location: United Kingdom

Experience requirements: Fresher

What is Amazon Flex?

  • Sign up on the Amazon Flex app.
  • Reserve a block and make deliveries.
  • Get paid, enjoy life, repeat.

Earnings estimates are based on delivering a number of packages across an estimated length of time (referred to as a block), completed while driving a standard motorized vehicle.

Should Amazon Flex introduce blocks eligible to be delivered using scooters or other alternative modes of transportation, different rates may apply.

We aim to ensure that the number of packages you are assigned to deliver within your block is realistic, taking into account congestion and the primary requirement to drive safely. However, the actual time taken per delivery may vary (because it could, occasionally, take less or more time than expected) so the earnings per hour may vary.

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