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Job Responsibilities : HR

Salary : 15000 – 25000 per month

Company : Janardan Resort

Location : Work from Home

Working hours: 8 Hours

Education requirements : Bachelor’s Degree

Experience requirements : 0-1 yr

Job Description :

We are looking for a HR Recruiter working remotely from home on retainer ship basis.
The following terms and conditions will form the basis of your working:
1. You are required to recruit staff as per given profile by the company for any requested location in India.
2. You are required to fill up the position within 7 days from the time of requisition placed by the company.
3. The salary bracket & job conditions of each position whose requisition has been placed, will be given to you in advance.
4. You will be paid on the basis of 8% CTC yearly of the position, spread over 12 months from the date of recruitment/selection of the candidate.
5. If the recruited candidate leaves the job within 3 months from the date of joining, the recruiter will need to provide a suitable replacement for the vacancy within a week at no extra charge.
6. In case the recruiter is unable to provide a replacement for the vacant position in a week’s time the payment(s) done for the candidate will be adjusted with any future or ongoing arrangements/services of the recruiter with the company.
7. The responsibility of candidate’s background check & character including drug abuse & past felony (if any) lies with the recruiter in totality.
8. If any information about the candidate is found false or purposely concealed at any stage the recruiter services may be terminated without pay.
9. No payment or gift will be taken by the recruiter from the candidate for his recruitment in the company.
10. If the recruiter is found trading company employees or data with any other firm, his services will be terminated without pay and can also result in legal proceedings.
11. The recruiter is expected to co-operate with company HR/GM in matters related to interviews and on-boarding.
12. In case the recruiter wishes to leave the contract, he will inform the same 30 days in advance to the company.
You are required to give your acceptance for the above said mentioned points which shall become a part of Memorandum Of Understanding between you and the company.

If you accept these conditions, please accept the contract at the link below for enrollment (copy and paste in browser if link does not work):

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