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Job Responsibilities: Scribe (Real-Time Text Corrector) – REMOTE WORK

Salary: 77000 per YEAR

Company: Ava

Location: Remote US

Job Description
Working flexibly from home help make the world a better place.

Typical Scribes at Ava:

  • Work from home 10-15 hrs/week on their computer for 1h-2h sessions at a time within the 6 AM-6 PM PST hours during weekdays
  • Are always on time for our missions and quite reactive on their emails (we often give a 24-hr heads-up)
  • Are paid a competitive hourly wage
  • Are truly excited to be making the world a better place

Sounds good to you? Read more!

Ava is building a more inclusive world

Ava is a start-up that empowers millions of deaf and hard-of-hearing people better communicate and connect with the people around them by providing them with real-time transcription in their classroom lectures and work meetings.

Humans and Machines work together.

To deliver a perfect transcription of these conversations Ava combines artificial intelligence (voice-to-text) and human intelligence (the Scribe team).

Scribe connects on their laptop at the meeting time and carefully listens to the live conversation an Ava user is having and corrects quickly any error made by the automated transcription: this makes 99% accurate captions possible.

Candidates must be U.S.-based.

You could join the Scribe team if you are all of these:

  • You type quickly and accurately on your keyboard. (Test if you can type a word per minute here:
  • You are savvy with technology and familiar with using computers.
  • You have worked remotely before (6+ months) have a good Wifi connection and silence at home
  • You are used to proactive and clear communication with people
  • You are a reliable person: if you commit to a time to Scribe a deaf/hard-of-hearing Ava user counts on you!

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