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Job Responsibilities: Adjunct Clinical Faculty / Clinical Supervisor

Salary: 69000 per YEAR

Company: Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

Location: Remote US

Job Description/Summary:

The School of Nutrition at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences (SCNM) is actively seeking Adjunct Clinical Faculty / Clinical Supervisors for SCNM’s online Supervised Practice Experience (SPE) program. The SPE program is delivered in adherence with the competencies set by the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists (BCNS) and is designed for candidates pursuing the Certified Nutrition Specialist® (CNS®) credential.

Adjunct clinical faculty supervise SCNM’s online SPE candidates through timely and effective supervision mentorship and communications. Adjunct clinical faculty are assigned responsibilities aligned with their expertise and interact with SPE candidates using SCNM’s online Learning Management System (LMS) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

The ideal candidate will meet the BCNS standards for Clinical Supervisors and have expertise in the practice of personalized nutrition. Adjunct clinical faculty are active members of the SCNM community promoting its mission vision and core values.

 responsibilities include:

1. Provide clinical supervision for CNS candidates in compliance with all BCNS standards and guidelines for Clinical Supervisors and with input from their first-level supervisor.

2. Provide clinical supervision for CNS candidates in compliance with SCNM’s SPE program standards and with input from the first-level supervisor.

3. Provide remote client care and supervision on SPE candidate rotations at SCNM’s virtual clinic.

4. Maintain current HIPAA and OSHA certifications and comply with HIPAA and OSHA. (SCNM provides access to these mandatory annual training to all Clinical Supervisors.)

5. Comply with all SCNM clinical policies and procedures including timely review of chart notes and regularly scheduled supervisor meetings.

6. Ensure timely and appropriate referral of patients/clients to other healthcare professionals as necessary.

7. Perform regular evaluations of SPE candidate performance.

8. Hold SPE candidates accountable to all policies and procedures outlined in the SPE Candidate Clinical Handbook.

9. Per BCNS guidelines supervisors must also:

a. Complete the BCNS Supervisor Approval Application

b. Complete the ANA Personalized Nutrition SPE training session

Primary clinical teaching responsibilities include:

1. Deliver expert clinical knowledge and guidance to SPE candidates

2. Serve as a mentor and role model to SPE candidates

3. Conduct regular assessment of SPE candidates’ knowledge skills and attitudes

4. Provide responses to candidate inquiries within 24 hours (within 48 hours during holidays or weekends)

5. Engage in the online EHR portal a minimum of 4 times per week

6. Lead weekly virtual team meetings with SPE candidates

7. Hold one-on-one meetings with candidates by appointment

8. Remain current in the evidence-based practice of clinical nutrition

9. Ensure clinical care standards remains current accurate evidence-based and relevant

10. Continuously improve clinical supervision/teaching based on feedback and evolving best practices

11. Submit feedback and candidate documentation in a timely manner

12. Provide timely response to communications by program leadership preferably within 24 hours

13. Other duties as assigned

Experience expectations:

1. Experience in the practice of clinical nutrition

2. Education and experience demonstrating expert breadth of knowledge to effectively supervise the delivery of evidence-based clinical nutrition in a clinical setting

3. A positive attitude confidence integrity effective oral and written communication skills honesty and the ability to inspire

4. Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality regarding patient/client and candidate issues

5. Ability to embody SCNM’s core values: We Achieve Excellence We Love We Do the Right Thing We Are Resilient We Shape the Future.

Qualifications: Per BCNS standards ( supervisors must meet the following qualifications: • Minimum of three (3) full-time years of clinical experience in nutrition care as one of the following: o Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) in good standing; or o Master of Science or Doctoral Degree in a field of nutrition with a state license or certification (if applicable); or

o Licensed MD/DO with didactic training or education and experience in clinical nutrition as documented by 75 CE credits or the equivalent (without exception) over the past 5 years; or

o Doctoral-level health professional (e.g. ND PharmD) who meets curriculum eligibility requirements for CNS and who can legally provide nutrition services in the state of practice. DCS must also have an MS Nutrition or be a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) in good standing.

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