U-Haul Remote Jobs | Sales Agent Part Time Jobs for Freshers Apply Now 2022

Job Responsibilities : Sales & Reservations Agent (Part Time)

Salary : $17 – $20 an hour

Company : U-Haul

Location : Remote Us

Educational requirements : High School

Minimum Qualifications:
Proficient keyboarding and computer skills.
Ability to navigate and use multiple computer programs at once.
Excellent verbal communication and listening skills.
Willingness to incorporate feedback to constantly improve performance.
You must have a quiet private work area.
Ability to meet all technical requirements.
Fast-paced hands-on initial education.
Mix of instructor-led classes and e-Learning through our very own U-Haul University.
Learn and begin performing some of your job duties with customers the first week.
Build on your skill set through continuous coaching and education.
Scheduling Requirements:

Total number of hours scheduled each week will be based on business need.
Available to work between 6 A.M. – 6 P.M. (MST).
Work at least one weekend day per week for at least one six (6) hour shift. Working two is preferred.
Working holidays is required. We are open and customers need our help.
You must have a quiet private work area.


Mobile hot-spot tethering satellite Internet or similar.
Using a Proxy server or third-party network.
Compute stick or similar device.
Rental rent-to-own or public computer/laptop.
Working in a public place or using public Internet.
Unsecure Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi not managed by the team member.

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