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Job Responsibilities : Video Editor

Salary : Not Disclosed

Company : PRATHAM Education

Location : Work From Home

Working hours: 8 Hours

Education requirements :  Graduation

Experience requirements : 1– 3 Year

Job Description
The Associate (Video Producer and Editor) position in the Pratham Digital Team offers young, interested, energetic
people a unique opportunity to be an integral part of Pratham’s innovative work in the digital landscape. We are
looking for a person who can handle the content right from ideation stage to its delivery i.e., from pre-production to
post production. This is an opportunity to be part of an organization that is recognized for its innovation and
creativity in mission-driven content delivery.
Her/his main responsibilities include:
● Collaborates closely with other team members on developing video and other digital concepts and projects
● Designs and creates storyboards and scripts
● Participates actively in creative strategy development and media design ideas for the organisation
● Works with manipulating raw camera footage, virtual meeting recordings, dialogue, sound effects, graphics,
and special effects as needed
● Designs and delivers the high quality motion graphics optimized for video/web/social media dissemination
● Travels to rural areas to capture meaningful stories and responsible for editing and assembling recorded raw
material into a suitable, finished product ready for broadcasting
● Tracks new content trends and technologies to ensure that output remains on the cutting edge
● Manages daily assigned tasks and even multi-task without compromising on the creativity

Desired Qualifications and Experience
● Bachelors’ degree in a related field (fine arts, multimedia production, journalism, or social sciences) with
relevant technical training in video and digital design and production
● 2-3 years prior work experience in as a video editor and producer role in private sector firms, NGOs or
● Ability to handle multimedia projects from conception to its completion and multi task efficiently
● Strong knowledge of post production processes
● Working knowledge of editing software – Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Final Cut
Pro & Adobe Photoshop
● Experience and/or knowledge in data visualization is an add on
● Experience in short-form storytelling through various editorial techniques including cuts, transitions, timing,
and the effective use of sound and visuals to communicate
● Keep abreast of the latest video marketing trends like animation, white sketch-board, AR/VR, 360 degree
videos, immersive video etc.
● Ability to hold camera for still and video recording
● Willingness to travel regularly and extensively in rural areas of India, with limited amenities
● Ability to communicate in Hindi
● Strong written and oral communication skills in English
● Ability to work well in teams
● Self-motivation, proactiveness, and attention to detail
● Willingness to commit to at least 2-3 years of work with Pratham

Application Process
Send the following before 5th June 2021 to [email protected] with cc to [email protected] mention
‘Application for the position of Associate (Video Producer and Editor) – Digital Innovations’ in the subject line, with
the following attachments.
Complete Application should contain:
1. Current Resume: Resume should contain
● Contact Information of the applicant
● Academic Background and Record (Marks or GPA, if applicable)
● Universities Attended, Degrees Acquired
● Past work experience, highlighting relevant skills and video editing software used
● Languages Spoken
2. Statement of Purpose (500 Words) and a portfolio of previous films/videos the applicant has worked on
Early Applicants will be given preference.
Date of Joining: Immediate
Location: Remote until further notice

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